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FLASHTM Sports Physical Therapy Patients:

“During 2011, I suffered several running-related injuries such as a tibial stress fracture and Achilles tendonitis due to overuse and/or biomechanical issues. As part of the diagnosis and treatment, I initially consulted with an orthopaedic surgeon. Based upon the information I had at my disposal, I thought this was the "best source" for getting back on my feet and running. Unfortunately, the orthopaedic surgeon was unsuccessful at 1) listening to my pains, 2) properly diagnosing the injuries, 2) helping to mitigate any future setbacks, and 4) designing a strategy to recover from injury and back to run training. Personally, one of my biggest complaints with "traditional physicians" is that many of them do not allocate time to listen to your challenges and have already diagnosed the injury before they even step into the patient room.

When I began seeing Dr. Bair at FLASH Sports PT, he listened to my "injury story" and asked all of the right questions to ensure he understood the full history and extent of the pain prior to diagnosing the injury and defining a treatment program. Dr. Bair created a personalized plan that was defined in comprehensive phases to ensure that we not only treated the short-term injury, but also laid out a long-term strategy for future injury prevention. Dr. Bair proactively followed up and monitored my progress throughout the entire process. During the follow-up visits and discussions, Dr. Bair extended the recovery plan based upon my progress. His personalized approach was instrumental in helping me recover from the injury.

I can honestly say that I credit Dr. Bair with helping me overcome my injuries and enable me to successfully run without pain. I will be running a marathon soon and could not have done it without Dr. Bair.”

- Steve H, West Chester, PA

“FLASH Sports PT is a comprehensive physical therapy office geared toward healing running injuries and providing insight toward making improvements to be a stronger, more well-balanced runner. Ryan’s training and racing experience brings a perspective to his physical therapy treatments that is unmatched in other therapists I’ve seen. After more than six months of dealing with a hamstring and glute injury, I found Ryan’s clinic and have finally also found relief. He did a gait analysis first and a thorough evaluation of my condition. His manual therapies and home exercise prescriptions were personalized, comprehensive, and effective. He checked in with me via e-mail between visits to follow-up and make adjustments as necessary. My injury has improved dramatically since I’ve been seeing him, and I feel like I have the tools and knowledge to prevent it from recurring. I feel like a much stronger, faster, and happier runner. I highly recommend FLASH Sports PT.”

- Jen G, West Chester, PA

FLASHTM Running Clinic Clients::

“I had a great experience at FLASH Sports PT! I've been a runner for about 8 years now, so I got the Bronze Package. Ryan was very knowledgeable and showed me a few exercises I could do to improve my running efficiency. The most helpful part of the session was the analysis of my running form using the Dartfish software. I'm looking forward to implementing some of his recommendations and coming back to measure my improvement. Thanks again, Ryan!”

- Tim S, Lancaster, PA

“I attended the FLASH Running Clinic conducted by Ryan Bair at FLASH Sports Physical Therapy and Performance Center, LLC about six weeks ago. I have been running for about 5 years and have had minor injuries throughout. The FLASH Running Clinic afforded me the opportunity for a Residency-Trained Sports Physical Therapist to conduct a high-speed gait video analysis. Based on this gait video analysis, Ryan was able to identify imbalances in my running pattern. After identifying these imbalances, he provided me with specific exercises to address my deficiencies. After having done the exercises for about a month and concentrating on my deficiencies, not only do I feel better but I have obtained several of my personal best times in two recent half-marathons. In addition to feeling better, my recent successes are wholly attributable to the personalized program prepared by Ryan for me.”

- Peter C, Wilmington, DE