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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is An Out-Of-Network Provider?

An out-of-network provider is a health care professional who chooses not to enter into a contract with a health insurance company. As a result, he or she cannot bill and receive in-network reimbursement rates from a health insurance company for services provided. By not entering into a contract, however, this health care professional does not have to change his or her treatment model in response to the continually declining reimbursement from health insurance companies that in-network providers are forced to accept. Ultimately, in-network providers are left with a hard choice -- increase the number of patients treated per hour to receive the same level of reimbursement (decreasing the ONE-ON-ONE interaction between patient and provider) or financially struggle while maintaining the same level of care.

How Does An Out-Of-Network Provider Get Paid?

Typically, an out-of-network provider gets paid directly by the patient at the time services are rendered. At FLASH PT, we accept cash, check with acceptable form of identification, select credit and debit cards, and payment from your health-savings account. We have a fee schedule for both physical therapy services and performance programs like the FLASHTM Running Clinic posted for your convenience. You will notice that for physical therapy services we charge you a flat fee based on an hourly rate because of our belief that you deserve the combination of manual therapy, sport-specific exercise, and patient education that will benefit you the most as an INDIVIDUAL.

Can I Apply For Reimbursement Through My Health Insurance Company After Recieving Physical Therapy Services?

Yes. After we receive your payment at the time services are provided, we will provide you with a receipt detailing the information your health insurance company will need to process your claim. Submitting this claim for possible reimbursement is your responsibility. Because out-of-network physical therapy benefits differ depending upon your specific health insurance plan, we emphasize that we cannot guarantee any reimbursement. Some health insurance plans may include partial reimbursement while others may not provide any at all. Please contact your health insurance company for more details regarding your planís out-of-network physical therapy benefits.

Can I Participate In Physical Therapy AT FLASH PT Even If I Do Not Have Health Insurance?

Absolutely! You will simply be charged for the physical therapy services provided and can pay as described previously. Now you have a place to go for your aches and pains despite your lack of coverage!

I just started working out at the gym and think I pulled a muscle. Can I come to FLASH PT, or do you work with only athletes?

FLASH PT would love to work with you! We are sports physical therapists who understand the demands of a physically active lifestyle. Some of our patients are high school or college athletes while others enjoy playing basketball in an intramural league twice a week or running for fitness. Our goal is to get you back to doing whatever you love as quickly as possible. In short -- if you participate in some sort of physical activity, we are the place for you!

I am a runner who occasionally enjoys participating in races like the Dub C 4-Miler and Brianís Run, but I am not currently injured. Does FLASH PT offer performance programs for runners like me who want to improve our race times and help prevent future running-related injuries?

You bet! Please see the FLASHTM Running Clinic, a program specifically designed to assist all West Chester area runners in reaching their potential.